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Many of the residents at Whispering Rise Farm & Animal Sanctuary would love to be apart of your family! Please consider adopting one or two- so your pig will have a friend. The more the merrier , after all pigs are herd animals. Fostering is a great option too! After all ,if you can't dive in ...why not dip your toes in the mud?



Meet Gus! Gus is an easy-going guy who gets along nicely with the gang. He was a lonely piglet roaming the streets of Montgomery County, so he packed his bags and came to the sanctuary. His coloring is very unique...what a handsome pig! Some say he's brown ... others say he's gray. Gus is up for adoption with his bonded pal Belli. Please also check out Belli's bio, he is one special pig- and the two of them make a wonderful pair!

Foster homes are a key part to what we do. While space at the sanctuary is limited- building our foster network is key to being able to save more lives. Pigs are lots of work but are also lots of fun. Their intelligence and magic is very rewarding. If you think you have what it takes to become a Whispering Rise Farm & Animal Sanctuary Foster please Facebook, call (410) 301-9866 or email today! Your help , home and hospitality could save a life today!

In order to be considered as a Mighty Pig Parent (Foster) or as a Proud Pig Parent (Adopter) you must meet the guidelines below...

Meet Ren! He's Stimpy's friend. Just like his buddy, Ren was found abandoned and frightened on the Baltimore/ Washington Highway.He was eventually rescued and brought to us.He's a gentle guy, who can be a little shy and sweet. His smile is truly one of a kind- priceless! It's big , toothy and topped off with a pink nose!Ren's eyesight isn't the best. He could use a pair of eyeglasses but manages to get around with Stimpy. Come say hi to Ren and his bonded brother Stimpy!

  • Own your home and the home must be in a zone friendly community. 

  • Locate a veterinarian who will care for pet pigs.

  • Must already have a pig or consider adopting/fostering two pigs. 

Have you fallen in love with a pig at Whispering Rise Farm & Animal Sanctuary? Couldn't imagine your life without that Pig Magic given to you in lovable daily doses? Many of our pigs are adoptable and would love to go to their forever home with a family that will care for them, love them and give them the life they deserve. If you want to be a real life Proud Pig Parent  please Facebook, call (410) 301-9866 or email today! Your help , home and hospitality could save a life today!

Hi, I'm Stimpy. I'm a big guy with a big heart. I was found with my best friend, Ren on the Baltimore/ Washington Highway. We became media stars , as it took weeks to catch us because we were so scared. Finally, we were caught and saved! We came to the farm with huge bellies and had to go on diets. Now we are much healthier and happier! When folks come to say hi, I like when they take their time. I'm a little shy, so slow and gentle is the best way to make me smile. Ren is my little sidekick and together we make a dynamite duo! Please come check us out !


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