​Pigs Waiting for Adoption​

Many of the residents at Whispering Rise Farm and Animal Sanctuary would like to be a part of your family. Please consider adopting one (or two is preferable so your pig has a friend!).

Whispering Rise has piglets available for adoption! Born on March 23, they will be ready to go to their new homes around May 18. Qualified adopters must meet the following conditions:

1) Own your home and the home must be in a zone-friendly community,

2) Locate a veterinarian who will care for pet pigs, and

3) Must already have a pig or will adopt two piglets (or a piglet and an adult WRFAS pig).

If you are interested in adopting one or more of the piglets or have any questions, please contact Jeff at jefflambert@wrfas.org.


- Parker is a white male piglet with a black dot on his snout.He is a playful, curious guy!

- Maggie is a white female piglet who has a distinctive black snout. She is just as             curious and playful as her brother Parker! 

- Winston is an all-black male piglet. He's a playful, social, and fun little guy.

- Sophie is a brown female with dark brown stripes. She is curious but can be a little shy.

Meet Gus!  Gus is an easy- going guy who gets along nicely with the gang.  He was a lonely piglet roaming the streets of Montgomery County, so he packed his bags and came to the sanctuary.  His coloring is unique.  Some say he’s brown, others say he’s gray.  Gus is up for adoption with his bonded pal, Belli.  Please see Belli’s Bio, he is one special pig and the two of them make a great pair!

Hi!  I’m Ernie.  I was found wandering the streets of Annapolis when I was a baby.  The farm had room and so I moved in.  Jokes are my thing as I am one silly guy!  I like to play hide and seek by shoving my head in pumpkins. I love to eat pumpkins!  Well, I love to eat a lot of things.  Sometimes I like to do the Scarf and Barf.  It’s my trick where I eat so fast that I run in the woods and barf.  I know its gross but I am goofy.  I can sometimes be a bit shy until you get to know me.  My favorite pig pal is Boo Bear.  He is really nice and we are a team.  We’d love to be your forever friends!  

Hi, I'm Sunflower, a beautiful girl with a sunny disposition and a lovely black coat! I have so many good friends here; it feels really good to be loved. I can be a little shy but show me a bucket of chow or a bagel and I'll be right by your side!

I'm Pokie Max. I am the man around these parts, but this wasn't always the case. When I came to the sanctuary I was very sad. I had been taken away from my very best human parents. My dad told me he was really sick, and I had to go somewhere where people have the energy to care for me. He was so good to me. When I arrived at the sanctuary I didn't want to get up, not for food, not for anything. The humans here made me get up anyway. They put me in what they called a yard. This is where I found my happiness again, and did you know there are other pigs just like me?! I made lots of friends. One day a piglet named Rob Thomas came to stay. As annoying as he was, I kinda liked his sass. He is now my very best friend!

Hello, I'm Lulu! They tell me I have a handicap but I don't believe them. I pretty much do what I want, when I want, with grace of course! The humans say I have corkscrew hooves and need them trimmed monthly. My best friend Piggy Stardust tells me not to believe them, she says I'm perfect how I am. I lived inside with a family of humans for my first seven years, and after that it was a lot of confusion and new surroundings. Then one day I wound up in a trailer with another pig. She sang the whole way to our destination. That was Piggy Stardust. When we first came to the sanctuary we didn't even know each other, but it only took one sunset later and we were instant forever friends! I'm a pig who knows what she wants from life. What I want includes, but is not limited to, a lot of petting behind my ears, and well just about everywhere. I absolutely love sleeping in the house. And I love to sleep in! I also wouldn't mind a forever home with my best friend Stardust!

Meet Ren!  He’s Stimpy’s friend.  Just like his buddy, Ren was found abandoned and frightened on the Baltimore/Washington Highway.  He was eventually rescued and brought to us.  He’s a gentle guy.  Ren can be a little shy but he is still very sweet.  His smile is priceless.  It’s big, toothy and topped off with a pink nose.  Ren’s eyesight isn’t the best.  He could use a pair of eyeglasses but manages to get around by tagging along with Stimpy.  Come say hi to Ren and his bonded brother, Stimpy.    

Hi! I'm Piggy Stardust! I looooove to talk, it's my favorite, and I do it all day long! Singing? Yes! That happens all day long too! When I first came to the sanctuary I had no friends. But on the ride here, there was another pig,named Lulu. She looked very different, so I was curious about her. When we arrived, we began to establish boundaries.Shortly after, we decided we were both tired. I fell asleep on top of her, and she totally let me. We are like two peas in a pod, instant bffs! Humans are my second favorite (Lulu being first and all). They are tied with my other pig friends here at the farm. I have to squeeze through my friends to get to the human legs. My nose is so awesome.... I just use it to push their legs. After a few nudges, they pet me! It's great! I love sunbathing, random running, and belly rubs, definitely belly rubs! The humans call me sassy, but I call it being me. When I find my forever home, I do hope Lulu comes with me, I just love her!

My name is Hamilton and, just like the musical, I'm very popular and everyone wants to see me! I may not be one of the "founding fathers" here at the farm but I am quite unique - no other pig here looks like me! I'm a little guy with a big personality. I love people amd enjoy all attention, whether it's to brush my thick, blond coat, or for rubs to my silly face, or to get special treats. People love the way I trot off into the woods when I get a bagel. How about visiting and bringing some for my friends and me? 

Well hello, I'm Wilbur, one of two handsome white pigs in my herd. People say I'm one of the best looking pigs they've ever seen. I have to agree! I think I'm pretty special. Have you seen me open my mouth to get you scoop chow into my mouth? Yes, I'm smart and a little silly!

Hi there! I'm Rob Thomas. I came to the sanctuary as a small piglet. So small that I lived inside for a while, so I wouldn't sneak through the gate! There are a whole lot of pigs around here, but I'm basically the boss pig, that's what my chicken friend calls me. The humans call me a baby, which makes it confusing. It becomes clear that it's ok with me when it's followed up by a belly rub. I love belly rubs so much that if I want one I will use my nose to let you know.I know how to sit for treats and I'm eager to learn so much more! I'm young so that can totally happen! My best friend is Pokie Max. He's like a big brother to me, he basically taught me how to be a pig. I hope to stay with him forever! I hope to find my forever home soon, I just love meeting new humans!

Hi I'm Ethan! I'm a little piglet in a big pig body. Not sure how it happened but I, for sure, know it did. It all started with the cool harness I got when I was little. Well it was cool until I started growing, and the harness didn't. One year later when they removed it, my spine had a deformity. Along with that my body was way too big for my little legs. I was in a world of trouble. One day I came to Whispering Rise where I met some great humans! I was cared for day and night, and even lived in the house! After a month, my belly shrunk and it was time to go outside to meet my new friends. I made sure they knew who was boss (me, obviously). I'm like super-Ethan now that my legs can hold me up. I do like my pig, human, and chicken friends here. There's something about those humans though. They are magic! One touch from them and I roll right over for a belly rub!

"If you knew Piggy Sue..." Yep, that's my name. Buddy Holly and Johnny Cash would love me. A boy named Sue. I may be one of the largest pigs here at the sanctuary but I am one of the gentlest. I never use my size to push others around, so don't be afraid to be my friend!

Adult Adoptable Pigs

Hi!  I’m Stimpy.  I’m a big guy with a big heart.  I was found with my best friend, Stimpy, on the Baltimore/Washington Highway.  We became media stars as it took weeks to catch us because we were so scared.  Finally, we were caught and saved!  We came to the farm with huge bellies and had to go on diets.  Now we are much thinner and happier.  When folks come to say hi, I like when they take their time.  I’m a little shy so slow and gentle is the best way to make me smile.  Ren is my little sidekick and together we make a dynamite duo, please come check us out!

Meet Belliumpkins!  Belli is very social and great with adults and kids.  He’s a crowd favorite and there’s lots to love with this guy.  At 250 lbs., 5 ft from snout to bum, and big black spots he wouldn’t blame you if you thought he was a cow.  This massive beauty is a sweetheart.  He is huggable, lovable and adores belly rubs.  Belli is the bigger half of an adoptable pair.  His bonded buddy is Gus, another pig with a cheerful personality.  When Belli moves to his forever home, we’ll happily cry a river of tears!  Belli is bold and beautiful!!