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Our Wish List

As a 501(c)(3) non profit, your donations are tax deductible! Your generous donations help our sanctuary survive and thrive! Learn below about the many different ways you can donate!

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Thank You for Donating! 

Tractor Supply Gift Cards
Wal-Mart Gift Cards
Home Depot Gift Cards
Zip Ties (8 inch and 11 inch)
Fresh fruits and vegetables
Large rubber-backed rugs
Mazuri Mini-Pig Feed; Purina Pig & Sow Feed
Whole corn (50 pound bags)
Bales of straw
Boxes of disposable gloves
Horse blankets
Stainless steel feeding pans
Plastic bins (27 gallon)
Outdoor storage (shed, small barn, outdoor storage bins, soft-sided sheds)
Picnic tables and plastic benches
Stall mats (6 x 4 and 3 x 4)
Ensure, Aspirin, CBD Oil
Cash donations always appreciated!