Intake: 12/02/2013

Intake: 6/15/2013


A really sweet pig who falls right over for a belly rub. BooBear was acquired as a small pet pig but eventually became too large to handle.

Intake: 12/22/2011


A very sweet brown pig who grew up in the sanctuary. Gus was found running around Montgomery County, Maryland. He was in a foster home for several months, but he really needed to be with other pigs.

Intake: 10/9/2015


Sadly, we lost Rosebud to cancer at the end of July...RIP Rosebud! This is our matriarch and diva pig. Rosebud is a gentle, loving, but very inquisitive pig who is also known as a notorious toe-biter.

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Piggy Sue

We are looking for sponsors for Piggy Sue. To see his story and to support him, please go to:


Resident Pigs

We have almost 50 pigs at the sanctuary. Here are the permanent residents. Would you like to sponsor one?