Jinxy lives in the elder herd, where she is usually found in her throne (bed) sporting this fabulous smile. This caring old lady is known as the Sanctuary Matriarch! She can't keep up with her younger herd mates anymore and prefers to have her food brought directly to her so she can eat in peace, sometimes without even leaving her hut or letting her hut mates out!

Get to know our pigs below! WRFAS is home to 60 pigs and counting, each with a unique personality and backstory.

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Gidget came to Whispering Rise in April 2019 as a pet pig from Tennessee. We believe she is about 9 years old. She has very quickly stolen the hearts of visitors with her sweet eyes and trusted companionship. She loves to follow volunteers and visitors around in hopes of some belly scratches or a treat.

Meet Gus! Gus is an easy-going guy who gets along nicely with the gang. He was a lonely piglet roaming the streets of Montgomery County, so he packed his bags and came to the sanctuary. His coloring is very unique... some say he's brown, others say he's gray. Gus is up for adoption with his bonded pal Belliumpkins. Please also check out Belli's bio, he is one special pig- and the two of them make a wonderful pair!

LuLu is a special gal and the official tour guide of Whispering Rise Farm & Animal Sanctuary. She has a sweet soul that will calm you better than any medicine ! She loves kisses on her nose and plenty of attention. She is a loyal companion who will follow you to the end of the world and back, or at least to the front gate. She likes posing for photos and meeting new people.



Why does everyone love Luther? Is it the way he stares into your eyes or his cute smile? Maybe it is his charming and charismatic demeanor? Either way he is one sassy man who would love to be your pig! 



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Belliumpkins is a gentle giant. His mom was presumed to be a farm pig while his dad was a potbelly, creating this adorable spotted creature. He was rescued and brought to Whispering Rise Farm & Animal Sanctuary where he bosses around his friends in Pen 3. He's known to try to knock buckets of food out of unsuspecting hands and to smush his muddy nose against your leg until you pet him.  Belli is one of our most noticeable and loveable pigs, despite his hilariously large size. 

More pig bios coming soon!

Meet Ren! He's Stimpy's friend. Just like his buddy, Ren was found abandoned and frightened on the Baltimore/Washington Highway. He was eventually rescued and brought to us. He's a gentle guy, who can be a little shy and sweet. His smile is truly one of a kind and he loves to hold his mouth open wide for snacks! Ren's eyesight isn't the best, but he'll come right up to you to be hand fed and has the most adorable run. Come say hi to Ren and his bonded brother Stimpy!


Ethan is an incredibly sweet pig in a larger than life body. He has a spinal deformity (due to improper harness usage), but that doesn't stop this special guy! He is the King of belly rubs- there really isn't much he wouldn't do for one! You may currently find him flopped over waiting for belly rubs or for his diet to end.


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Meet our pigs! 

Hi, I'm Stimpy. I'm a big guy with a big heart. I was found with my best friend Ren on the Baltimore/ Washington Highway. We became media stars, as it took weeks to catch us because we were so scared. Finally, we were caught and saved! We came to the farm with huge bellies and had to go on diets. Now we are much healthier and happier! When folks come to say hi, I like when they take their time. I'm a little shy, so slow and gentle is the best way to make me smile. Ren is my little sidekick and together we make a dynamite duo! Please come check us out !